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Gideon’s tale is a homebrewed high fantasy setting. It is a setting filled with dragon overlords and a tense truce between the draconic alliances and the mortals they rule over. Beyond that, there’s not much, yet, to this setting!

That’s why this wiki exists. All of the players are going to contribute to the setting by writing portions of its history, its layout, the States that exist within the lands ruled by dragons. As the Dungeon Master, I will act as editor and project manager, helping create vision, focus, and creating our final product.

Sometime we will start to play a full campaign set in this world. I have a very basic outline of a story (called Gideon’s Tale), but no real details yet. Those will be created as we make this world.

Please note: Players – as writers of this whole thing, you will need to gain some passing familiarity with Textile formatting. Here is a useful page on Textile formatting.

Some Useful Things

Main Page: The main page has our outline – the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what we’re doing. This page will remain a mostly outline format.

Glossary: A place where terms important to the setting can be found. Will be updated regularly.

Wiki Page Templates: This page discusses the basic look I want every page to have, to create uniformity.


If you would like to use any kind of art on the portal then either make sure it’s your own art OR talk to me first. If it’s not your art, I’d like to know where it came from before we use it, so we can either ensure it’s open for use or obtain permission first.

I encourage you all to scour DeviantArt to find appropriate artwork, because then you can ask the original artist for permission.


Dragons: This is a world ruled by dragons. The only two gods are dragon gods. Dragonborn, half-dragons, rule over mortal races. Dragons, dragons dragons! Show me dragons. Show me personalities for these dragons. Show me different factions of them. Don’t just divide it along chromatic/metallic scale either. Give me cool things to work with, dragon-wise. Dragons will be a big enemy of the campaign, but they will also be allies.

Music: One of the pivotal wars of the ancient world was called the War of the Song. Dragons sing. Dragons love music. The Song of the Dragon is a metaphysical concept as much as it is a real thing that happens in the higher realms of existence. Music is a key part of this setting. Filter it through wherever possible. Let’s all learn a bit of musical terminology and educate ourselves.

Power Sources: To use some DnD 4E terminology here, the following power sources are in theme for this game: Arcane, Martial, Primal, Psionic, and Shadow. Notice that Divine is not a power source. This is because there are no gods of men and the dragon gods do not give spells. Divine magic does not exist without divine powers to grant them. Other things (such as elemental powers) come from Primal sources, not Divine. This means man has very little religious background. All his religion is focused around the draconic religion, in which the mortal races are a very small part.

Psychic Powers: Psychic abilities have been around for only two thousand years – a short amount of time as dragons record history. Yet, in recent days, the number of psychics has been slowly increasing. What was once rare to the point of absurdity (people believed you were just an odd wizard or sorcerer) is becoming more and more common. This scares many powerful dragons.

War is Looming: A second War of the Dragons is coming. Even among the dragons, this is not desired, but they fear it is inevitable. Politics machine against those who would seek peace.


Currently, this is a DnD 4E campaign. However, this may change over time. As such, writers should not concern themselves with the system. That’s the Dungeon Master’s job. He will levy system-notes that may impact the setting, and will adjust them as needed.

Gideon's Tale

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